How we roll

This photo of the dolphin was taken in 2019 by Sandra from Germany as watch leader on the

S/V Nina II during a 550nm passage with me from Palermo, Sicily to Zadar, Croatia. 

It could be a brochure photo, but it's like all the other photos on our website ... they are all taken on passage by our crew. 

The reason we do this is to show you the genuine side of our experiences. We don't do photoshop. We don't want to enhance.

Fun and friendship. Finding your own space.

Learning, teaching, laughing and relaxing.

Tolerance on the long passages. Pulling your weight. Giving to our fellow crew, not taking. 

Looking after each other.

Having a great time together onshore. Always respectful of our surroundings. 

Looking after the boat. 

We create the environment to enable you to make the right decisions and help us all to grow as sailors and as people.


Snapped by Sandra near Sicily


Modern lines. A rob Humphries designed speedster with great build quality


Chris on Fantasea raising the Portuguese courtesy flag


The straits of Gibraltar are always a challenging proposition and can't ever be under-estimated.

Here they come!

They come flying over to play when you hit 7 knots of boatspeed. They jump on the bow wave, look up into your eyes and react to your movements. Great photo by Damon!

unnamed (45)

Training the crew for The Fastnet Race with Irish Offshore Sailing

Pilot Whales

Curious pilot whales south of Cartagena, Spain April 2021


Early morning watch after a long night


Yannick enjoying some driving practice on Dublin Bay


Paul, Laure and Marie off the coast of Albania in early March


Laure taking sunsights on s/v Petra in the Adriatic


Race Winners on Lady A on Dublin Bay

Our Food yeh, it's that important!

On board Medusa we like to try out new vegetarian recipes or get creative with fresh fish. Locally sourced is our aim and we would also love to experience your country's cuisine.  

Sometimes it's all about a fabulous avocado salad or maybe the best we can do in the conditions is a hot soup at the wheel. Whatever we eat certainly tastes better when we are at sea together. 

For those that don't like to cook, there's always the washing up!


a feast at sea


Mahon in Menorca a2018 and Gudrun surprised the crew of Masterpiece one morning with some delicious baked goodies


Poached eggs on avocado toast with great coffee


Damon eats on watch.


Jack cheered up the crew with his famous tuna melts.


Leave only our wake behind us

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When we choose to visit our ocean friends we make a commitment not to mess up their home.

Dolphins, whales, turtles, moonfish, even the elusive Rorqwhal all cross our path when we sail on the high seas.

We feel lucky to share their paradise. 

Your Hosts


Ken Lawless

Commercially Endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.

RYA & Irish Sailing Instructor.

NauticEd Sailing School Principal.


Hi everyone, well I skippered my first Irish Sea crossing when I was 16, it was in my neighbour's 26 footer.

I spent my teenage summer school holidays as an RYA dinghy instructor - what an amazing job for a schoolkid!

So what hope had I got other than for a career at sea ? 

Well I did try other land based careers, like rugby and leading some communications companies, but I came back to a life of adventure on the waves. Rugby in particular taught me the value of teamwork and continues to have a hugely positive influence on how I teach sailing today. 

I hold the commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Ocean License (200t) RYA Cruising Instructor and Nauticed Sailing Instructor qualifications. I have sailed tens of thousands of miles as skipper of many different types of boats, mostly around Europe. 
Sailing into many beautiful cities and towns is quite a different experience to flying or driving there. Places like Palermo in Sicily, Ibiza Old Town and the wonderfully secluded islands of Croatia always offer a magical time for sailing crew.

It would be my great pleasure to introduce you to offshore sailing. For those that are new to the sport, the pathway is made so much easier by using our NauticEd learning programmes and just getting out sailing with skilled, patient and dedicated sailing teachers. 

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

unnamed (1).jpg

So what's next ?

Send me a mail or text to say hello. It will be an expression of interest in what we do. 

Let's talk about your experience, whether you want some training or just to meet interesting people in a safe but exciting environment.

We sail coastal September, October. 

Then offshore November and March.

But we can design anything you like if you are a group, or suggest the best fit for the group of sailors who have already booked our time. or text +353 86 140 8082 

or fill in the contact form on the home page.

Look forward to hearing from you.


ps.  Ask me Anything!